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Owning three major product lines: the new cities of integrated industry & financial capital, communities featuring innovation & entrepreneurship, and characteristic towns.

Galaxy Industry Group has created a new engine of innovative economics with its innovative industry-city-investment finance model and alliance sharing concept.

The Group is committed to attaining an industry-leading position so as to attract enterprises, retain talent, and increase tax revenue, thus achieving smart and harmonious development among industries, cities, and people.


Representative works

Galaxy WORLD, as a representative of the new cities of integrated industry & financial capital, has a total construction area of 1,600,000 m2. Led by advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, aeronautics and space, and cultural innovation, this project aims to create a “park + finance” dual-loop headquarters base. This project is a great representative of Galaxy’s integrated management model that promotes the joint development of real estate, industries, finance, and capital operations. Galaxy WORLD has signed with more than 500 enterprises (including 14 Top 500 enterprises and 30 listed enterprises). The selling rate of its commercialized office products ranks among the highest in Shenzhen. After the completion of the project, it is expected to have tax exceeding RMB 10 billion, have an output value of RMB 100 billion, and attract an employment population of 75,000.

Representative works

Galaxy Incubator      

In the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Group has created a versatile international platform for innovation and entrepreneurship — the Galaxy Incubator. This project has been distributed in many cities, like Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhuhai,and Puning. The management and operation area of this project is about 60,000 m2, which ranks top in the China market. More than 200 start-up companies have moved in Galaxy Incubator, and Galaxy's pioneering incubation mode that enables the exchange from property rights, rent, and services to stock shares help those companies accelerate their entrepreneurial processes. The business partners of this project come from the United States, Singapore, Israel, Bahrain, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.            

Representative works

Dongguan Huangjiang Galaxy Internet+ Town    

Galaxy Industry Group is also devoted to building characteristic towns with “unique and powerful” businesses, “integrated and complete” functions, “small and beautiful” shapes, and “flexible and innovative” operations. At present, the Group has signed cooperative development agreements with the local governments of Zhongshan Gangkou Galaxy Scientific Innovation Town, Huizhou Zhongkai Galaxy Science & Technology Town, Huidong Xunliao Galaxy Smart Cultural & Tourist Town, Dongguan Huangjiang Galaxy Internet+ Town, and Guangzhou Nansha Galaxy Jewelry Town.



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